We make delicious instant coffee using the highest quality beans available from the most talented roasters in the US.

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The vision of Voilà is to make the best instant coffee in the World with full transparency from farm to roaster to cup – allowing anyone from a master barista to your average joe to enjoy a surprisingly balanced and delicious cup of coffee. Hopefully, this will allow you to try new coffees from roasters all across the country, broadening your palate and enjoyment for the world of high quality, ethically sourced specialty coffees.

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Kenya Gachirago AA

One of our favorite coffees from the King State Discovery Box is now available as a Single-Varietal Box! This Kenya slaps big time. Super lively and delicious with sweet currents and juicy green apple notes to it.

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Weirdo Blend

A classic is back. One of our most requested coffees speaks to the weirdo in us all.

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Decaf Colombia Planadas

Smooth and sweet. It's among one of our favorite Brazils because of the honey process which leaves some of the fruit pulp on the bean, giving it an extra kick of flavor and sweetness. But don't let that distract you from how easy drinking and decadent this coffee is. 

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