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Wholesale Carton - 12 Boxes


 Cirque Weirdo Blend

Complex Coffee

50/50 Natural Guatemala and Washed Guatemala. Don’t throw shade just cause it’s a blend. Weirdo is different. How does it hit on so many levels? We don’t really know, but this blend is jam-packed with complexity, sweetness, and everything in between. 

This is Cirque's first directly sourced coffee and Weirdo (V3) is by far the best yet. We’re tasting peanut butter, grapes, and juicy goodness.


Still Vibrato Brazil Fazenda Serrinha

Structured Coffee

This coffee goes down smooth and sweet. It is among one of our favorite Brazils because of the honey process which leaves some of the fruit pulp on the bean, giving it an extra kick of flavor and sweetness. But don't let that distract you from how easy drinking and decadent this coffee is. We're tasting great richness, almond, and chocolate.