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Discovery Boxes - Explore & Learn

The Discovery Box is our flagship offering. With our newest facility off the ground, incredibly drinkable results coming out, and a new roaster partnership with Flight Coffee, we put together 5 of their best to showcase the full spectrum of what they have to offer. It's the perfect way to try Voilà and broaden your palate!

Lively Boxes - Vibrant & Exciting

Looking for something truly exceptional? Our Lively Box brings bright, mouth-watering, flavors to your cup. These coffees are typically roasted light and sourced from Africa to bring floral, fruity, tart or Tropical flavors to your cup.

Complex Boxes - Balanced & Inviting

The coffee for everyone - Complex coffees strike the perfect balance of rich, sweet and fruity qualities - think of it like a three-part harmony! These coffees are typically from Central or South America and roasted "medium". Don't be surprised if you go back for a second or third cup.

Structured Boxes - Rich & Comforting

The tried and true classic. The Structured box is full-bodied, rich, and delicious; achieving the classic taste you'd want. Structured coffees are typically from South America roasted "medium-dark" and go down great black or with cream. These coffees are exactly what you need on those a-little-too-early mornings. 


Boxes are made from 80% post-consumer-waste recycled paper using wind-power and material is made carbon neutral. Please be kind and recycle our boxes. Packets are made from 100% compostable material. ASTM 6400 certified for industrial and municipal compostability.