Nomad El Salvador La Divina


Vol. II     Guest Roaster      No. IV

Nomad is a super talented roaster out of Barcelona, Spain. We reached out to them last year to see if a partnership was possible and now we've finally released this juicy El Salvador. This was one of our early coffees we processed in our new facility and it really showcased the new level of brightness we can now show in coffees like these.

The story of this coffee revolves around Roberto, the producer, who has unceasingly poured his time and resources into producing the best coffee possible - even at a time when coffee production is not very profitable and El Salvador's production has bottomed out.


5 cups per box

Product Details

Roaster NOMAD
Roaster Origin Barcelona
Coffee Origin El Salvador
Santa Ana Volcano
Roberto, La Divina 
1450 - 1600 masl
Tasting Notes
Peach | Raspberry | Rosemary