About Us

What is VOILA?

Take everything you know about instant coffee and throw it out the window! Well, keep the part about it being instant... but what if instead of it tasting like the bottom of a cowboy's boot, instead it tasted as good as that pour over from your favorite cafe? That's pretty much what Voilà is all about. We've spent the last 5 years reinventing instant coffee so that you'll want to drink cup after cup saying, "I can't believe it's instant... 🥲"

How it started

VOILA was started by Kent Sheridan in January of 2016 out of a desire to make specialty coffee approachable while combining his love for exploring new coffees and roasters. Kent dove in head first to relentlessly follow his pursuit of creating the best instant coffee in the World. That lead down an almost two-year path of developing a completely unique processing technique that allows for VOILA to achieve incredible flavors with each coffee used. Kent finally brought VOILA to the market in November of 2017. The result is a clean, transparent, and vibrant filter-style cup of coffee.



Kent Sheridan
Founder & Friend

"I’ve always been driven by ideas and have a deep passion for creative storytelling and building unique customer experiences.

I created Voilà out of a desire to enjoy coffee without compromise anywhere without having to pack all my brewing equipment around with me. I love to serve others through my church, my friendship, and, of course, through really great coffee.

Besides being a workaholic and coffee addict though, I’m also a dad, a husband, a digital security and privacy hobbyist, an occasional natural wine drinker, a decent skier when I have time, and a 4.0 in Pickleball on good days."

David Palazuelos
Business Developer

"I believe in achieving your utmost potential by doing what you love. Here at Voilà, I get to live by that every day while interacting with endearing humans over coffee (literally).

I love all things coffee, film photography (35mm currently), playing and watching soccer, climbing, and enjoying a good natural wine and/or craft beer with friends.

I'm a husband, and father to our 1 year-old son, Thiago, and our 4 years-old Golden Retriever, Luna.

When I'm not home, you can find me at a local coffee shop sipping on a delicious Cortado and some Filter Coffee while connecting with people that I've never met, and yes, that's typical."