Mizuba Matcha x Voilà


We partnered with Mizuba Tea Co. to bring you our next favorite instant - Matcha!

Matcha, in its simplest terms, is a Japanese green tea that’s been shade-grown and stone ground into a fine powder.

Mizuba sources highest quality matcha we've ever found. Mizuba practices direct-trade and transparent sourcing: personally knowing their suppliers & tea farmers.

Expect a sweet, buttery, umami-forward cup that is easy drinking. Its depth of flavor is exceptional and is excellent on its own, with cream, or as a latte! You'll feel a balanced and steady energy that is both focused and peaceful. It's the perfect afternoon pick-me-up if you've already had a few cups of coffee, are worried about sleeping or crashing, or just want the awesome health benefits.

Each box contains 8 packets. Each packet contains 3g of 100% nonGMO, radiation-free, heavy-metal free, filler-free, gluten-free, Uji-direct pure matcha! That's it! Learn more about matcha

3g of matcha is perfect for making both plain tea and lattes, cold or hot, for any thermos or mason jar 8-16oz.

Each packet is 100% compostable. Each box is 100% recyclable.

Please store in a cool dry place and use within 6 months of purchasing

Product Details
Partner Mizuba Tea Co.
Ingredients 100% Pure Matcha Green Tea from Uji, Japan
Tasting Notes Focused | Balanced | Umami
Quantity 8 packets per box - 3g per packet