Cirque F1 Tarrazú Natural


If you weren't following along with Voilà last year, you may not have heard about Coffee Review's ranking of our Cirque's F1. It was the highest-scoring instant coffee ever reviewed scoring 90 points!! This is a pretty great score for any coffee, but that fact that it was instant blew everyone's minds. In addition to that, it was the fastest selling coffee we've ever launched!

When we offered this coffee last year, we weren't sure how a boutique coffee like the F1 would sell. So we processed a small batch and offered only a very limited supply. To our amazement, it sold out instantly.

When we cupped this instant, Kent said it tasted like drinking sparkling lemonade while sucking on a strawberry blow pop! We've had the opportunity to brew this coffee for quite some time now but we waited until new equipment was installed in our shop. This top-secret equipment creates an even cleaner and more transparent cup than we've ever been able to offer. You'll definitely notice the difference with this coffee. There's no murkiness in what you're tasting. It's straight forward, clean on the palate, and oh so delicious.

Roaster Cirque
Category WILD
Tasting Notes  rum | strawberry | vanilla