Burning Bright

How Três Marias Coffee Gets Its Shine

by Angie Toole Thompson


If the sky is clear tonight, step outside and lift your head — you’re likely to see some stars. On a planet where not much is shared, stars belong to us all. Of the 300 billion stars in our galaxy, some have super technical names like PSR J1302-6350; most don’t have names at all. Still, there are stars that have had names since antiquity. These are the stars you’re likely to recognize when you gaze into the black. 



In 2009, Maria Eduarda Becker Pavani was one of countless baristas on the globe. She served coffee while studying in Portugal, and served coffee again in her native Brazil after returning home. As specialty coffee grew over the following five years, soon stepping into roastery management. When Maria moved to Dubai in late 2013, she was poised to be a coffee professional. By 2019, she was ready to give legs to her own vision: importing, roasting, and distributing green coffee with her own company. “By the time that we established the company in Dubai,” Maria says, “the market already had strong players and new players.” 


As a self-proclaimed workaholic and consummate coffee pro, Maria knew she wouldn’t fade into the field. She chose a company name that gave agency to her own vision, the Portugese name for the string of three stars that make up the constellation Orion’s belt: Las Três Marias. The belt is ubiquitous to even the least knowledgeable star gazers, anchoring one of the Milky Way’s most prominent constellations. Três Marias Coffee anchors the specialty coffee community in the otherwise congested coffee landscape of Dubai. “Even though the sky is full of stars, you would still be able to recognize Três Marias among [them].”  

Maria put in the hours, the brain-power, the heart to earn Três Marias’ celestial moniker. Still does. “I can’t believe how fast the brand has picked up . . . Sometimes I just realize that it is bigger than me.” The team at Três Marias is super skilled, sure — Maria herself is a Q-grader, an SCA authorized trainer, a certified Sensory Judge — but you don’t become the brightest star in the sky just by checking off boxes. “At Três Marias Coffee I like to encourage my colleagues to believe and work on the power that each individual has . . . each one of us [has] our strength. When combining those strengths together we form a great team. We are all about hard working, acceptance, inclusion and community.”

Ask Maria what it means to shine bright in a sky full of stars, and she’ll likely tell you it’s about humility and common decency. “I admire and respect people who work really hard and manage to stay true to themselves & good at heart,” she says. The three stars in the Três Marias branding echo the three stars of their namesake constellation; and it’s the sum of three parts that make Três Marias shine brighter than the rest — “standing up for yourself, doing something good and treating people with respect.” 


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