On the transformative power of Merch

Pr_cess founder Ben sits in his friend’s Belfast roastery, Wild Heart, smiling at me through the screen from across the ocean. Quickly, I find out that he’s familiar with a lot of shops regional to my South Carolina home; and — would you believe it? — I actually know someone that he knows in his Belfast community.

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Evolving to Survive

Deeper levels of coffee work take us incrementally away from that fellowship first found in front or behind the espresso bar. Sales will put you in front of a screen or on a call; business ownership comes with a whole list of administrativa; roasting plants you firmly next to a very loud giant machine that inhibits any personal interaction.

At a roastery like Equator in California, cupping coffees is often the only time to come together, literally and figuratively. “We used to be shoulder to shoulder at the cupping table,” muses Equator’s Director of Coffee Ted Stachura. “Now it’s not uncommon for us to have three separate cupping areas.” For the uninitiated, this is no small thing – cupping coffees has become one of those niche ecosystems that’s been battered by the pandemic.

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Burning Bright

If you’re looking at these three stars, you’re about to drink some really good coffee.

That, or you’re gazing at the night sky. Yep, Três Marias Coffee took their name and branding from one of the heaven’s biggest heroes — the belt of the constellation Orion, known in Portugal as Las Três Marias.

There’s obviously more to the story. Today in our journal, we’ll tell it to you.

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